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Gibraltar at World Money Fair, Berlin
Following the presentation made at the Media Forum during the course of the Money Fair in Berlin participants were invited to attend the unveiling of a newly sculpted effigy of the Queen which has been used in ...   [Read] •  11/02/16
Government and Opposition Must Work Together to Tackle Housing Arrears
The Statement by Miss Sacramento, the Housing Minister, is more of the same aggressive diatribe that the public has come to expect from the Government.   [Read] •  10/02/16
The Governor visits the Royal Gibraltar Regiment
Lieutenant General Edward Davis, the Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, began his familiarisation of British Forces Gibraltar today with a visit to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.   [Read] •  10/02/16
World Book Day
Members of the public are once again invited to celebrate World Book Day at the John Mackintosh Hall on Thursday 3rd March 2016.   [Read] •  10/02/16
Chief Minister Congratulates the RGP Marine Section
Following Sunday’s incidents at sea, the Chief Minister accompanied His Excellency the Governor on a visit to the RGP Marine Section where he congratulated officers for their professionalism and courage when fa   [Read] •  09/02/16
Chinese New Year event
There was a Chinese New Year event this afternoon at the Piazza.   [Read] •  10/02/16
Air Disaster exercise in pictures
At around 10am this morning there was an air disaster exercise cvering the senario of an a fire on an aircraft at the stand. Flight 'GX001' was actually an old Gibraltar bus. The airport fire and rescue servi ...   [Read] •  09/02/16
Government must take action to recover the 6 Million in rental arrears
The GSD notes that unpaid rents now stand at over £6 Million.   [Read] •  08/02/16
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