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Statement by The Chief Minister to the Gibraltar Parliament
It is the first time that this Parliament meets since the cruel murder last week of United Kingdom Member of Parliament, Jo Cox.   [Read] •  24/06/16
EU referendum result
It is very hard to make any sort of statement in this void of certainty in which we have woken up to this morning.   [Read] •  24/06/16
Convent open day
The Convent is pleased to release the full line-up of exhibitors, stalls, and attractions at this year’s Convent Open Day on Saturday 25th June. Doors will be open from 11am to 3pm. Admission costs £1 with al   [Read] •  24/06/16
Chamber reacts to EU Referendum result
Despite the overwhelming support from voters in Gibraltar to remain part of the EU, the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce is disappointed by the final decision in the UK to leave the European Union. Gibraltar is b ...   [Read] •  24/06/16
Alvarez: - Uk does not speak for Gibraltar
Britain has spoken. But it has spoken for itself. Not for Gibraltar. That much is clear from the results of the In/Out EU Referendum held yesterday. As I said in our recently published book ‘From Town To City’,   [Read] •  24/06/16
Brexit referendum result
During the day a record number of Gibraltarians voted in the referendum on EU membership.   [Read] •  24/06/16
Spanish nationals in court
Man pleads guilty to Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace.
A second man is arrested for taking photographs within the courtroom
  [Read] •  22/06/16
Man charged with Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace
A 53yr old Spanish national Juan Ignacio MINGUEZ MARTINEZ, a resident of Madrid, Spain, has been charged with one count of Conduct likely to cause a Breach of the Peace.   [Read] •  21/06/16
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