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Inaugral Marrakech flight touches down in Gibraltar
The first flight from Marrakech to the Rock arrived today. Operated by 'Your Flight' the service will operate with seven return flights each month. The flight time is just under two hours using a twin propeller ...   [Read] •  17/04/14
Rescue on the upper rock
Last Saturday evening, the City Fire Brigade rescued two young people from a cliff-face on the Upper Rock.   [Read] •  17/04/14
Judgement announced in the legal case with OHL
This morning Fabian Picardo, the Chief Minister called a press conference to announce the verdict in the case with OHL who's contract with the previous administration to build a tunnel to access the frontier wa ...   [Read] •  16/04/14
All Gibraltar to celebrate OHL outcome say GSD
The GSD welcomes the news of the success in the UK court proceedings relating to the airport tunnel project. The Opposition acknowledges the notification provided by the Chief Minister to the Leader of the Opp ...   [Read] •  16/04/14
Gibraltar Fair
In a move which confirms the view of many that Gibraltar is being led by a politician who has a greater interest in his popularity than in doing the right thing and getting the job done, the Chief Minister has ...   [Read] •  15/04/14
Gibraltar's Booming Economy is a Good Reason to Enjoy Easter / Passover Holidays
The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo MP has been delighted with the response received from residents of Alameda Estate who have thanked him for writing directly to them in relation to the misleading commu ...   [Read] •  15/04/14
ERG presents appreciation bouquet
Equality Rights Group Chairman Felix Alvarez and Secretary Charles Trico last week presented an appreciation bouquet to the Minister for Equality ‘in thanks and sincere recognition of the committed work towards   [Read] •  15/04/14
Conviction for cruelty to young children
Francisco Javier Lopez Coca, aged 33, a Spanish national residing at Referendum House appeared at the Magistrates Court on a variety of charges including Cruelty to Young Children.   [Read] •  14/04/14
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